Youth Behavior

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Goal: Improve the health, safety, well-being and mental and emotional development of youth (<10), adolescents (10-19) and young adults (20-24).

What’s the Problem?

Improving the health, safety, well-being and mental/emotional development of youth requires a comprehensive approach to address factors impacting risky youth behavior. In Douglas County, motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of premature death, accounting for 30% of deaths among youth aged 1-19 years. While tobacco use has declined over the past 15 years, the 2013 Georgia High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey reported alarming rates of vaping (e-cigarettes) and other substance abuse related to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and prescription drugs. In addition, nationally in 2013, 19.6% of high school students reported being bullied on school property and 14.8% reported being bullied electronically.

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Social and Community Context

Youth Behavior

What Are We Doing About It?

Here is how we can work together to improve youth behavior in our community:

  • Promote access to information and resources to maintain or improve mental and emotional well-being in at-risk communities.
  • Create environments that inform and empower youth, adolescents and young adults to make positive choices related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
    • Check out Power in Truth, an annual conference designed to empower Douglas County middle and high school students with skills to make healthier lifestyle choices and to resist risky youth behaviors.
  • Provide individuals and families with the knowledge, life skills, and tools to prevent violence and injuries.

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