By: Douglas County School System

The Douglas County School Nutrition Program is excited to announce details for their 2018 Summer Meal Program.  This amazing program began in 2007 and provides nutritious meals to children who may not otherwise have access to such meals.  School Nutrition serves summer meals at designated locations throughout the county.  Breakfast includes an entrée, 100% fruit juice and low-fat milk, and lunch includes a choice of an entrée, vegetable, fresh fruit and low-fat milk.  New regulations require that a student must select a fruit or vegetable daily when selecting options for lunch. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 requires that the student be served a variety of fruits and vegetables daily. The new meal pattern standards include dark green leafy, red/orange, legume, and starchy vegetables offered throughout the week.

Any child under the age of 18, regardless of income status or enrollment in a summer school program, may eat breakfast and lunch at no cost.  Adults are also welcome to eat but will be charged the adult price for breakfast ($1.65) and lunch ($3.50).  Exact change is appreciated.

The Seamless Summer Feeding Program is an extension of the National School Lunch Program.  The USDA began the summer feeding program in an effort to combat childhood hunger.  The summer feeding program provides an opportunity for children to receive a healthy meal when school is not in session.  The summer feeding program is a great opportunity for all families.  Getting a lunch and breakfast at no cost for their children will save time and money.

The data and times for the 2018 Summer Meal Program are listed below.  The menu will be posted on the Douglas County School System website later in May.  All of the meals must be consumed on site.  If you would like more information, please contact Ervin Watson at 770-651-2300 or visit the School Nutrition Department section of the Douglas County School System website.

If you are interested in meals for your summer programs, please contact Ervin Watson at 770-651-2300.