Live Healthy Douglas, a partnership of community organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of essential health services in Douglas County, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website,

The overall goal of the partnership is to implement strategic changes throughout Douglas County and build a foundation for reducing and preventing chronic disease such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer by promoting healthy lifestyles and better access to health and prevention services for the community. Live Healthy Douglas is also undertaking an alcohol abuse education and prevention initiative called “Be the Wall,” which focuses on preventing substance use and abuse in youth.

The new website was developed as part of the major health initiative to build a healthier Douglas community. offers simple suggestions for jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle, including information on maintaining a healthy weight, physical activity, nutrition and tobacco prevention. It also offers information on access to health services in the County.

Based on an assessment of the County’s health status and leading health issues, the website includes recommended action plans, weekly health challenges, a robust calendar of community health events and other health-related resources. The site also teaches people how to make simple changes to improve their health, the health of their families and the community’s overall health.

In conjunction with the launch of the website, Live Healthy Douglas is starting a social media campaign with interactive Facebook and Twitter pages that provide more opportunities for Douglas County residents to become involved and embrace a healthier community.

“We are excited to launch Live Healthy Douglas and its many programs into the Douglas County community,” said Chairman Tim Williams. “We want everyone in Douglas County to live their best life and by providing health resources through Live Healthy Douglas, we aim to make our community stronger and healthier.”

To join this countywide effort and encourage positive health changes, please visit